SummerSkills Day Camp 2020

A summer day camp program for children and youth of all abilities

Skill Development and Independence

At SummerSkills our goal is to provide an environment in which our campers can develop self-confidence and independence, feel good about their abilities and achievements, and have fun!

To accomplish this we incorporate skill development and learning opportunities into every activity.

Camp days are busy and full but we are careful to ensure that each camper can participate as fully and independently as possible at his or her own level of comfort and ability.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is a priority at SummerSkills. Physical activitities offer endless opportunities for both challenge and success. Increased health and fitness levels ensure that everyone feels better, mentally and physically. Every day our campers bike, participate in pilates work outs, develop sports skills, and play active games.


Every camper is provided with the equipment and support to ride a bike successfully. We regard biking as a crucial skill that all children and youth should have the opportunity to master. Regardless of ability, biking provides opportunities for increased physical activity, inclusive social interaction and greater mobility.

We have a large collection of adapted bicycles and are able to provide a suitable bike to every participant in the program. We have extensive experience teaching all levels of biking for over twenty years through our Xceptional Biking program.

Real Life Adventures in the Community

While we are fortunate to have a wonderful facility at WillowWood School we spend a large part of our day out in the community. The city of Toronto has created a wonderful series of bike trails that begin just around the corner from the school so every morning the entire camp heads out in a new direction on a new adventure. It is much more interesting to have a destination, meet people along the way and see new sights!

Social Skills and Group Inclusion

Throughout the camp day there are many opportunities for campers to be part of both large and small groups while involved in sports, games and other special camp activities, including our ‘build, paint and plant’ garden box project!

Being part of a group fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance. Everyone learns to respect and appreciate each other’s abilities and contributions. Older and more independent campers can choose to take a leadership role with younger or less independent campers.

Regardless of age or ability the experience of belonging to a peer group effectively motivates and challenges campers to take on more responsibility for themselves and others, make decisions and take initiative.

Most importantly friendships are forged that often carry over into life after camp. And that is really what camp is all about!

Gardening, Music, Crafts and more…

Even though we spend a lot of time on the trails and in the gym, we still make time for some other great activities including music, gardening, and arts & crafts!

Application Form

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