2020 classes begin may 3rd!

The application form is available here.

A customized program to build skills and independence in cycling

Bike riding provides mobility, fitness, self-esteem, independence and increased participation in community activities. It is an important social activity that provides opportunities for socialization, inclusion and acceptance.

The goal of Xceptional Biking is to introduce the concept of independent cycling for children and youth of all abilities through specialized instruction and in some cases adapted technology.

We assess each rider’s skills and abilities to determine the type of bike most suitable for them. We then provide a customized program to work on specific skills such as braking, steering, pedaling, and balancing.

Take off the training wheels

For some learning to ride without training wheels is easy and yet for others it is an enormous challenge. Learning to ride a two-wheeler can be difficult for many reasons including ineffective instruction, fear and lack of confidence, poor bicycle configuration or prior experiences. Our specially designed training bikes and step by step program make it quicker and easier to learn to ride without training wheels and without fear of falling.

Xceptional Biking is offered in two formats:

Spring Program

One hour classes are offered on Sunday mornings for eight weeks in May and June. Class instruction is either private or semi-private.

Summer Program

Xceptional Biking is incorporated into our SummerSkills Day Camp. Campers ride twice daily within camp and in the neighbouring community and parks. Please see our SummerSkills Program Details for more details.

Application Form

Download Xceptional Biking Spring Program Application form: .pdf(adobe)